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AMC to accept Litecoin, Ethereum, along with Bitcoin, for online movie ticket, concession purchases

AMC CEO Adam Aron stated that the movie chain will accept cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Litecoin for online ticket purchases and concessions. This announcement follows Aron’s announcement on AMC’s second quarter earnings call, that AMC would accept Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method for online purchases, by the end. Aron tweeted Wednesday night, “Cryptocurrency lovers: You probably know @AMCTheatreshas made it […]

Hottest crypto coins are now the Bitcoin and Ether alternatives

FOMO is alive and well in cryptocurrency, with less-known tokens outperforming again after recent rallies held by Ether and Bitcoin industry leaders. Cardano, now the third-largest cryptocurrency, has seen its value double in this month. Binance Coin is also up. A token named Avalanche has tripled in August. Prices for digital photos with laser eyes on rocks and cartoons of cute […]