Dinwiddie eyes his own legacy in DC, possibly with Bitcoin

The point guard position has been a key component of the Wizards’ success in the playoffs over the past 20 years. They moved from Gilbert Arenas, John Wall, and finally to Russell Westbrook. They were all stars in their own way.

Spencer Dinwiddie will now be the point guard, having been traded to the Nets in a deal-and-trade to replace Westbrook. Dinwiddie, along with Bradley Beal in backcourt, projects to be one the Wizards’ most valuable players. He sees himself as a different player than his predecessors.

“I’m not Gilbert John Russ. All of them are very interesting men. These are some of the most talented players. Russ is undoubtedly one of the greatest triple-double players ever. Gilbert is one of the greatest scorers of all time. John is another great point guard. He had a long run and was considered, by some, the best in the league.

“You have to always respect the achievements of others… my style of play may be very different from theirs. Everything they did, I have respect for. I want to be remembered for winning and that’s what my goal is to bring to the franchise. It doesn’t matter what it takes. I think that my career demonstrates this.

Dinwiddie, 28 years old, helped the Nets to build a winning team before Kevin Durant signed there as free agency. After rising from second round pick, Dinwiddie became a 20-point scorer. He was then injured in the ACL.

Dinwiddie will do everything he can to help his team win games once he is back at 100 percent. Fans may find him a charming character to follow along the way. During his Monday introductory press conference, he provided some light moments including when he spoke about the Wizards’ past of point guards.

One was his favorite cryptocurrency, for which he has publicly advocated in recent years.

He stated, “I believe I’ll become the first point guard in D.C. history that could lobby senators about Bitcoin,”

If he follows through, then he almost certainly will be the first. That is, unless IshSmith was doing it all along and that we didn’t know.

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